Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Reviews? What, are you kidding?

Apparently not! Here are some juicy quotes from reviews posted on Amazon:

"You won't find a better film about a mob-robbing, alien-battling, surfer-loving, cuckold-beheading, tapdancing, drunken lake monster than the Creature from Lake Michigan. Your kids will imitate Lars, Warrior from Beyond the Stars, and slap their heads like Singleglam. Plus the commentary track is as interesting as the film, detailing the curse of the Creature, as everything that could go wrong, did."


"If you love cheesy teen films from the late '80s, this recently surfaced film from Lake Michigan is the way to go!! The red rim glasses on the main heroine are worth the price of admission alone!"


"We laughed ourselves silly. Then the person I watched this with walked off with it to show other people. I ordered a dozen more copies..."

If the Creature from Lake Michigan were Sally Field, it could say, "You like me! You really like me!"