Friday, July 16, 2010

Busily Locating People!

So, that's what I'm doing now. I'm busily trying to locate people who worked on or acted in The Creature From Lake Michigan. It's July 16th of 2010, and as I'm getting close to getting the film mastered to DVD, I'm eager to find everyone so that I can get them copies!

So far, I have contacted the guy who played Patrick, the guy who played Orville, the guy who played Herman, the woman who played Wendy and the guy who played Wombat. Not Mr. Wombat, just plain Wombat. That only leaves several hundred actors to find.

As far as crew goes, there are a bunch of folks I knew where to find, but a great many more I don't know where to find, or have recently rediscovered. Over the past two weeks, I have gotten in touch with the director and the cinematographer, but I also recently found the continuity person and one of the grips.

I'm thinking of putting up a list and checking people off as I find them, but I'm not sure everyone associated with the production would like to be re-associated with the production.

Oh well, I'll get it worked out somehow.

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